Causes of hearing loss Hearing loss intervention

Hearing loss can be caused by a number of factors, including illness, infections, medications, and exposure to noise, aging, and heredity. Generally speaking, hearing loss mainly comes from lesions; when there are lesions in any part of the outer ear, middle ear, inner ear auditory nerve and brain hearing center, hearing loss will be caused.

Hearing impairment caused by lesions in the outer ear and middle ear is called conductive hearing loss; sensory hearing loss is caused by lesions in the inner ear, auditory nerve, and central auditory hearing; It is mixed hearing loss.

Excerpt: "Otorhinolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery"

Hearing aid types:

For the deafness that is not good or ineffective with regular medical treatment, you can try hearing intervention with hearing aid equipment, in order to achieve the effect of restoring or improving hearing. Hearing aid devices can be divided into:

Air-guided hearing aids, bone-guided hearing aids (BCHS), and vibrating sound bridges all need to rely on residual hearing to have better results.

Cochlear implant: It is used for severe and extremely severe sensorineural hearing loss. It is an electronic device that generates nerve impulses by electrically stimulating the remaining cochlear auditory nerve cells. Is currently the only treatment for severe and extremely severe sensorineural hearing loss.

Figure 3 Nurotron cochlear implant system (implant, processor)

Excerpt: Yinli, Tu Wenhe, Gao Shanxian, etc. Deafness and selection of hearing aids [J]. China Medical Device Information, 2016, 23-29.

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