NSP-60B Speech Processor

Venus Cochlear Implant System from Nurotron is a safe, proven solution for adults and children suffering from severe to profound hearing loss. With its perfect processing technology, rigorous testing and inspection, Venus System has reached the world advanced level with its technology advantages.



1. Personalized sound

Each recipient's program has different parameter settings. The NSP-60 series speech processor combined with Nurosound mapping software personalizes the coding strategy (CIS, APS) for each implanter and has unlimited upgrade potential;

2. Warning display

The design of the warning light at the ear hook allows you to know whether the cochlear implant is in a normal working state; the intelligent indicator design allows users, parents and teachers to keep track of the cochlear usage and battery status at any time;

3. Dust-proof, moisture-proof and anti-fall

Dust-proof and moisture-proof technology protects the microphone so that it is always in the best working condition. The microphone lock design places the battery compartment to fall;

4. Stylish and comfortable

Stylish appearance, light and strong sense of technology, make the sound more better;

5. Entertainment functions

Can be connected with MP3, FM radio to meet entertainment needs.

6, Flexible use

One processor, two ways of wearing, multiple power supply options, convenient interchange and flexible use;

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