Nurotron Enduro Cochlear Implant System is a new generation system, with upgrade experiences, thinner, more comfortable, more durable, more power saving, clearer, more convenient, smarter, safer, improve speech intelligibility under noise, enhance the ability to appreciate music.



Light and comfortable

• Streamlined body design more fits the human ear curve

• Body size is only 41.1mm × 25.3mm × 9.4mm and weighs less than 5 grams

• Light and comfortable to wear, relax ears and let skin breathe

2. Durable & Power-saving

• Compact structure design makes the body more robust and reliable.

• IP57 water resistance rating at key connections, no longer afraid of wet weather.

• Power optimization technology: Dynamic Peak and Powel Level, which can intelligently adjust stimulus modes and parameters according to the environment or the user's own situation, effectively reducing power consumption and extending battery life.

3. Clear

• Improved microphone pickup technology to make the sound clearer and fuller.

• The input dynamic range of sound can be automatically adjusted according to the environment, always maintaining the best sound quality.

4. Convenient & Smart

• Can be connected to devices such as mobile phones via Bluetooth for clearer wireless calls and music listening.

• Equipped with a remote touch screen remote control, which can realize program switching, function selection, volume adjustment, speech processor status, and battery query, etc. With just one finger movement, all sounds are under control.

• Supports multi-channel mixed inputs such as microphones, audio, and magnetic induction coils, and truly achieves "early listening".

• Innovative pluggable headpiece interface for quick and easy replacement of headpiece cables.

• Wireless control technology: Program switching, function selection, volume adjustment, speech processor status, and battery inquiry can be performed through the remote control.

• FM system: BTE battery compartment can directly support DAI interface.

5. Security & Reassurance

• When the battery power is low, there will be a variety of warning methods such as warning lights and buzzers, and there will be no more silence to make you feel helpless.

• It has a headphone monitoring function to keep the recipients aware of the working status of the cochlear microphone.

• Supports nerve response telemetry (NRM) technology, which can dynamically observe peripheral nerve functions, assist in debugging, and achieve real-time monitoring during surgery and guidance for postoperative mapping.

• Supports sudden big stimulus protection.

• Monitor the earphone function to know the working condition of the cochlea's microphone in real time.

6. Technical highlights

Enduro's speech processor also has the world's first C-tone encoding strategy. It is mainly developed for the sound processing technology of tonal languages such as Chinese, which can transmit richer tonal information without affecting the speech encoding and let the tones be heard be clearer. Clinical studies have shown that compared to traditional coding strategies, Nurotron cochlear implant users have a significant 5% improvement in tone recognition rate compared to traditional coding strategies. At the same time, open speech recognition rates have also increased 4 % -6%.

The world's leading eVoice noise reduction technology can effectively suppress or eliminate speech noise, to avoid embarrassment in noisy environments. No matter where you are in the street, school, restaurant or car, you can listen freely anytime, anywhere. Clinical studies have shown that, under the environment of various noise and signal-to-noise ratios, the users of Nurotron cochlear implants can improve the average speech recognition rate by 5% -8% with the help of noise reduction technology.

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