The Venus Cochlear Implant System from Nurotron is a safe, proven solution for adults and children suffering from severe to profound hearing loss. It was developed to meet the toughest of standards using the highest-quality processes.



1. A solid shell

High-strength titanium gold shell, firm and reliable, impact resistant, strong sealing, ensuring product reliability;

2. Leading number of electrodes

The number of Nurotron electrodes (24 + 2), ahead of other products in the industry, effectively increases the listening resolution and provides perfect sound details;

3. Safe bone grinding

Bone grinding has a small volume, only 0.44cc, ensuring fast and safe implantation and surgery in infants and young children;

4. Excellent technology & unique design

The electrode base is uniquely designed to ensure that the electrode contacts face the worm shaft during implantation. The electrode is suitable for round window approach and suitable for various types of cochlear implants;

5. Minor injury

Soft electrodes, reduce the trauma to the internal structure of the cochlea, and thus retain the residual hearing as much as possible;

6. Proper length electrode

The length of the electrode array is moderate, covering the spiral ganglion cells in the cochlea, ensuring the sound effect while avoiding the damage caused by deep insertion and the challenge of surgery.

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