Product maintenance

Waterproof and waterproof:

External device is most afraid of water! In summer, it is unavoidable that children have "sweat" after the activity. Parents are advised to dry the signal processing unit every day; use a soft cloth or a small soft brush to wipe the contacts and body of the accessories to prevent sweat Poor device contact due to corrosion of metal contacts. Please reduce outdoor activities during the mildew rain season to avoid dampness of external device. If the external device is wet with rain, wipe the device clean as soon as possible and put it in a dry box.


Static electricity can easily cause the program of the signal processing unit to be lost or disordered. Try to avoid entering all kinds of environments prone to static electricity. Especially children's plastic playgrounds, school static experiment projects, etc., need to remove external device.
In winter, try to wear cotton clothes. Before touching the device, discharge static electricity first to prevent the program from being lost or disordered due to static electricity.


Keep the device clean and avoid dusty environment; wipe it by a soft cloth or alcohol cotton with purity of more than 95%.

Device protection:

Do not hang the signal processing unit, do not pull and bite the device.

Replacement of microphone cover:

In order to prevent the microphone from being affected by dust and moisture, to avoid the deterioration of the sound effect, it is recommended that customers replace the microphone when it is used for 3 months or when the sound quality is reduced.

Battery maintenance:

The recipient needs to fully charge the battery when using it for the first time. If the rechargeable battery is unused for more than one month, it is recommended to charge it once a month, otherwise the service life of the battery may be affected. When drying the machine, do not put the lithium battery in the electronic drying box to prevent explosion.

Magnet maintenance:

It needs to be rotated the magnet every day in summer to prevent the magnet from getting stuck due to sweat.


1. Can I do an MRI with a cochlear implant?

No, MRI has the risk of displacing the implant magnet, so if the recipient has to do this test, please contact the after sales staff of Nurotron, and we will inform you of the relevant precautions and protective measures.

2.Can I accept X-ray inspection?

X-rays do not pose a hazard to the implant as a medical imaging inspection. but External components should be removed.

3. Does the cochlear implant need to be powered off when flying?

When boarding an airplane, the speech processor is similar to a computer and has a built-in RF transmitter, so it needs to be turned off when required. The airline staff should be informed about your hearing impairment so they can remind you of relevant safety measures.

4. When wearing a security checkpoint in or out of a supermarket, will wearing a cochlear implant cause an alarm?

Electronic item monitors (such as supermarkets), some cochlear implanters may experience sound distortion when passing through or approaching these devices. To avoid this, the processor can be turned off when accessing such devices, although the implant may not It is too likely to cause an alarm, but an implanter's ID card should be carried for explanation.

5. Does the implant cause an alarm when passing through airport security?

A metal detector (such as an airport) can cause a strong magnetic field, the implant will cause the metal detector to alarm when the recipient passes through it. It is better to carry carry the cochlear implanter's identity card with the recipient

6. Can I exercise vigorously while wearing a cochlear implant?

When doing strenuous exercise, pay attention to prevent sweat from entering the speech processor and cause malfunctions. Put the speech processor in a dry box at night, and try to avoid intense collisions.

7. Will induction cooker affect cochlear implant use?

Induction cookers use electromagnetic fields for energy transmission. As long as the implanter is at an appropriate distance, energy will not be transmitted to the implanter.

8. Can implanters receive electroshock therapy?

No, electrical shock treatment can cause damage to the implant or surrounding tissue.

9. Can an recipient accept diathermy therapy?

No, a large amount of current may be induced into the electrodes and cause tissue damage or implant damage. Medical diathermy using ultrasound may be used below the head and neck.

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